Monday, 28 April 2014

A fashionable death,

Instagram: @susiesch  & @xliyx

      Styles inspiration from my favourite girls from instagram, susie from Austria and liyana from Singapore. I might say that they have different taste of fashion but what they wear says a lot about them. Creating confidence in what you wear isn't a set formula, it is individual just as every person on this earth is an individual. It's a continuous process and it never ever stops. Whether you are new to the style game or a self professed old hand. There will always be something you want to change or something you need just that little bit more confidence to wear. For me, what I wear is not because I want to show it to the world but, I wear it for myself. Just let people say what they wanna say, sooner or later what they say will haunt them back. Be confident in what you're wearing. 


Sunday, 27 April 2014


      So where shall I start? Oh yeah, these are a few pictures I just reblogged on tumblr. Sunday.. sunday.. sunday.. Everyday is my day off actually before college life starts. Im actually in the mood for blogging tonight and also in the 'pretty little liars S03' marathon mood. Sometimes I don't think that my blog is as good as other fashion bloggers blog but, I'll try my best. As you can see I haven't post most of my ootd's yet because i've been busy recently. Sometimes well not sometimes but most of the time I actually have this habit where I wanted to snap my ootd's but end up taking a selfie haha. And I admit that I have never been one to reach to my closet blindfolded and pull out whichever t-shirt I grasp first, paired with the cleanest pair of skinny jeans in my vicinity and the most comfortable pair of shoe from my shoe rack. While I admire people that are low-maintenance, I honestly cannot relate. Every outing is an opportunity to create something to be proud of.  

      Earlier today I went out with my mom and bought a few stuff from a watsons sale in One Utama, Damansara. Its the IN2IT dark brown eyebrow liner and also Maybelline baby lips pink glow. I know my face looks funny in this last picture, but that's okay haha. 

xo, anis.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Knitted top: vintage , Medium long cardigan: h&m , Super highwaisted jeans: topshop , TIKA2 high vamp skaters : topshop 

      So, I woke up extra early today so that I could get ready on time because it took hours for me to figure out what to wear and I end up pulling simple outfits for today and also today is the day where I literally feel like a princess. My fav boy treated me breakfast and also lunch, couldn't tell how happy I was when it comes to food haha and that shows how chubby I am now. Finally, we tried this new restaurant called jibby & co in front of Empire, Subang Jaya. Well the food is quite pricey but yet it's worth it because they have the best minced beef crusty pizza i've ever tried, and the place is quite unique. I love how they served us drink in a glass bottle and how they decorated the place. The surrounding is very chill and calm well I guess it might be a good place for dating haha just kidding.
xo, anis.

Friday, 18 April 2014





      A few random snaps back when I was in Australia for a holiday, Couldn't get the chance to post it while it was still fresh because I just started blogging a week ago haha. So, I was actually over dressed back in australia cus I thought I went there during a cold breezy weather but it was actually during summer. Well I couldn't tell how excited I was when I actually saw the actual windsorsmith lipstick shop in surfers paradise, gold coast. Back in Malaysia I can only dream to own a pair of black lily but my dream came true anyway. I was quite lucky because literally everything was on sale (boxing day). A few a good places to shop in gold coast would be; surfers paradise, harbour town and robina. 


Monday, 14 April 2014

Pet expo '14,

      Lastweekend, I went to a pet expo event 2014 at Setia City Convention Centre. It's the biggest pet expo we've ever had in Malaysia anyway and it is also an indoor and outdoor event. It was mostly a series of booths promoting their brands, pet food, pet accessories etc etc. They have various types of animal breeds; something like sphynx, meerkat, dragon lizard, afghan hound, munchkin and many more. The best part about the event is that we can also bring along our pets to the event. Seeing cute kitties and doggies getting dressed up by their owner is just soo adorable. I'd bring along my cat if i could, just that they can't cope with the smell of other animals. 

   As for my outfit I'm wearing a hi plain crop top from supré, navy blue super highwaisted jeans from topshop, kimono velvet fringe cardigan from topshop, TIKA2 high vamp skaters from topshop and a mustard necklace from diva. And not to forget the guy beside me is my amoúr, Daniél.


Thursday, 10 April 2014

The best bangs of all time,


     From the top: Natalia kills, Kate moss, Uma thurman & Jean shrimpton.

      I decided to start Silhouettés And Fashion because I realized that my online presence requires more to online chatting. I want Silhouettés And Fashion to be focused on one thing, style. I frequently post my ootd or mix and match outfits in any fashion webs or instagram. I rarely explain the inspiration behind them, the theme and the purpose. I'm bored with leaving you hangin, It's time I create and expound. 

      For much of my life, I've been trying to achieve the blunt bangs. I think the best way to show your face shape is to have bangs. Because bangs help to frame your face and the way your hair frames your face is the most important aspect of a haircut. Once you've joined the bangs club, remember that our bangs will grow half-inch per month and it also depends on how regularly you wash your hair. So, your bangs will need a trim for about every three weeks or more to maintain the shape and length. If you really want something a little heavier I think blunt bangs would be the right choice for you. Well there's also many types of bangs you can try, something like Choppy bangs, Rounded bangs, Brow-skimming bangs are very in it right now ladies. It's clear that the allure of the perfect set is timeless.

xo, anis.