Monday, 14 April 2014

Pet expo '14,

      Lastweekend, I went to a pet expo event 2014 at Setia City Convention Centre. It's the biggest pet expo we've ever had in Malaysia anyway and it is also an indoor and outdoor event. It was mostly a series of booths promoting their brands, pet food, pet accessories etc etc. They have various types of animal breeds; something like sphynx, meerkat, dragon lizard, afghan hound, munchkin and many more. The best part about the event is that we can also bring along our pets to the event. Seeing cute kitties and doggies getting dressed up by their owner is just soo adorable. I'd bring along my cat if i could, just that they can't cope with the smell of other animals. 

   As for my outfit I'm wearing a hi plain crop top from supré, navy blue super highwaisted jeans from topshop, kimono velvet fringe cardigan from topshop, TIKA2 high vamp skaters from topshop and a mustard necklace from diva. And not to forget the guy beside me is my amoúr, Daniél.


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