Sunday, 27 April 2014


      So where shall I start? Oh yeah, these are a few pictures I just reblogged on tumblr. Sunday.. sunday.. sunday.. Everyday is my day off actually before college life starts. Im actually in the mood for blogging tonight and also in the 'pretty little liars S03' marathon mood. Sometimes I don't think that my blog is as good as other fashion bloggers blog but, I'll try my best. As you can see I haven't post most of my ootd's yet because i've been busy recently. Sometimes well not sometimes but most of the time I actually have this habit where I wanted to snap my ootd's but end up taking a selfie haha. And I admit that I have never been one to reach to my closet blindfolded and pull out whichever t-shirt I grasp first, paired with the cleanest pair of skinny jeans in my vicinity and the most comfortable pair of shoe from my shoe rack. While I admire people that are low-maintenance, I honestly cannot relate. Every outing is an opportunity to create something to be proud of.  

      Earlier today I went out with my mom and bought a few stuff from a watsons sale in One Utama, Damansara. Its the IN2IT dark brown eyebrow liner and also Maybelline baby lips pink glow. I know my face looks funny in this last picture, but that's okay haha. 

xo, anis.

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