Thursday, 10 April 2014

The best bangs of all time,


     From the top: Natalia kills, Kate moss, Uma thurman & Jean shrimpton.

      I decided to start Silhouettés And Fashion because I realized that my online presence requires more to online chatting. I want Silhouettés And Fashion to be focused on one thing, style. I frequently post my ootd or mix and match outfits in any fashion webs or instagram. I rarely explain the inspiration behind them, the theme and the purpose. I'm bored with leaving you hangin, It's time I create and expound. 

      For much of my life, I've been trying to achieve the blunt bangs. I think the best way to show your face shape is to have bangs. Because bangs help to frame your face and the way your hair frames your face is the most important aspect of a haircut. Once you've joined the bangs club, remember that our bangs will grow half-inch per month and it also depends on how regularly you wash your hair. So, your bangs will need a trim for about every three weeks or more to maintain the shape and length. If you really want something a little heavier I think blunt bangs would be the right choice for you. Well there's also many types of bangs you can try, something like Choppy bangs, Rounded bangs, Brow-skimming bangs are very in it right now ladies. It's clear that the allure of the perfect set is timeless.

xo, anis.  

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