Thursday, 22 May 2014

Black and white

Everything looks good in black and white.

      So hi again. I've been doing a research on 2014 latest fashion trends and all I could think of is that we're back in to the 80's and 90's fashion trends. With all of those highwaisted skinnies, mom jeans, cigarette cutting pants, furry sweater, loose croptop, velvet, checkered prints, pointy shoes, disco pants, etc etc. Well I guess everything is spinning back to the oldies just that we're in the modern world maaaaybe there's a little adjustment in our trends. and also the colour of white and black is never too old for everyone, it must be everybody's favourite colour too. And it's a lie if you guys dont have these colours in your closet. For me, black and white is very simple yet classy. Depends on how you mix and match them. 


Monday, 19 May 2014

Kentucky & Sushi

White joni highwaisted: topshop , Grey plain shirt: h&m , Black slingbag: h&m , Sandals: windsorsmith

      So let's start off with what I did yesterday haha well I hope it's not too late for me to post about it. Lets make it clear and fast, I went to a birthday party yesterday and eventually it was my boyfriend's little brother's birthday party at kfc kentucky fried chicken. I couldnt tell how cute his little brother was haha and also I didnt get the chance to snap any picture because we were busy talking and this and that. So I got his little brother a present from Hamleys, One Utama a few days ago. And after the party I had a sudden crave for japanese food. So, me and friend end up having our so called tea time at Rakuzen, Empire. That was my first time eating at Rakuzen anyway and it wasnt that bad after all. But I must say that Sushi king will always be my number one fav japanese restaurant. And I know  my spiderman pose is funny in the last picture, but that's okay. P/s: if you're reading this, I just wanna tell you that you'll always look good no matter what you wear. 


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Say yes to cupcakes,

Mini butter cupcake in green and pastel pink 

      Hi again, soo this is what I did yesterday I spend my half day in the kitchen just for baking. Well I end up baking them for myself. This will be my first time making my own sugar icing hahaha I know I'm outdated but at least I tried. Lastly, I actually have a thing for baking too though. 


Friday, 9 May 2014

NYX matte lipstick,


Nyx matte lipstick, Hot pink (MLS02) RM26

      So, I did a little shopping spree at sephora Sunway Pyramid a while back. Didn't get the chance to post it on my blog since I was sick. Well this will be my first nyx matte lipstick haha i've been waiting for a new stock since march and I guess I'm a lucky one to get the last 3 hot pink matte lipstick. The colours are very eye catching so I guess why not I give it a try? The difference between matte and moisture is that matte is dry and it'll stick on your lips even after a few wipes. BUT moisture will absolutely make your lips shimmer and moist obviously. For me, matte will always be the best choice because it'll last the whole day on your lips. To make it shimmer or just a little bit moisture you can apply vaseline, lip balm or lipgloss on top. To be honest, nyx is an excellent brand and it's worth it. They have a good eyeliner as well. I'll make a review on their eyeliner soon hehe.