Friday, 9 May 2014

NYX matte lipstick,


Nyx matte lipstick, Hot pink (MLS02) RM26

      So, I did a little shopping spree at sephora Sunway Pyramid a while back. Didn't get the chance to post it on my blog since I was sick. Well this will be my first nyx matte lipstick haha i've been waiting for a new stock since march and I guess I'm a lucky one to get the last 3 hot pink matte lipstick. The colours are very eye catching so I guess why not I give it a try? The difference between matte and moisture is that matte is dry and it'll stick on your lips even after a few wipes. BUT moisture will absolutely make your lips shimmer and moist obviously. For me, matte will always be the best choice because it'll last the whole day on your lips. To make it shimmer or just a little bit moisture you can apply vaseline, lip balm or lipgloss on top. To be honest, nyx is an excellent brand and it's worth it. They have a good eyeliner as well. I'll make a review on their eyeliner soon hehe.


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