Sunday, 29 June 2014

Caroline Polachek,

Genre: Electronic, Indie pop.

      Caroline Polachek is the singer and songwriter of the band Chairlift. Caroline Polachek, also known as her stage name Ramona Lisa. One thing I like about her is that she recorded and produced on her own with her own gadgets and zero dollars. Also, she just released her debut solo album Arcadia back in April 2014. She let all of us know things that inspire her and make her love life the most right now. As you can probably tell, she is very RAD.

 My favs:

Enjoy listening,

Saturday, 28 June 2014

RUANG @ Subang,

RUANG @Subang, ss18 subang jaya.

      Happy saturday, everybody! So I wore this simple outfit today, I know I keep on wearing the same white skinny jeans, it's like coincidence isn't it? hahaha. Anyway the weather topped out at 35 degrees today but it's better than yesterday actually. So, these are a few things I bought from the RUANG @Subang Pop & Soap Preloved Party earlier this morning. As you can see it's flooded with fashionable teenagers and They have a live band performing too andddddd the best thing about the flea market is that NOTHING IS OVER RM50 for literally everything. P/s that's Lee Ming (fashion stylist for topshop malaysia) LeeMing and Lissa Nazeri (famous vlogger) LissaPissa 


Saturday, 21 June 2014

Shoe obsessing,

Windsorsmith white chunk inspired.

      Hi again, So recently I just bought this lovely windsorsmith white chunk inspired sandals and it cost around RM70 well it's way way way much cheaper than the originals ofcourse. Im not really sure if it's comfortable to walk in but im pretty sure it suits any outfit haha, few more weeks till I actually get to wear them on my big foot and I cant wait, literally. Finally adding up a new kicks to my 'windsorsmith' collection haha.


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Everyone has their own style,

Here are some of my favourites:

Andreea Diaconu for Mango (summer 2014)

Sam Rollinson for Dior Magazine (Issue #6) 2014

Gucci RTW f/w 2012

Sigrid Agren at Elie Saab couture spring 2014



Thursday, 12 June 2014

Trynna be cool,

White joni: topshop , Blazer: vintage , Bulldog t-shirt: Givenchy ,  Sandals: Windsorsmith 

      This look is a flashback to two days ago when I thought of being cool in blazers in a very hot weather and yet I dont care. Dont let the innocence of my blazer and tight skinnies trick you into believing that I wasnt sweating in it hahaha. So, I've been missing for a week plus I guess and I still have tons of stuff to blog about but not on this one perhaps. And I havent bought a new pants for a month plus mm Well I wish money could grow just like microorganism.  And that's it.


Sunday, 1 June 2014

Hello june,


Jeans: Topshop , Black slingbag: H&M , TIKA2 tartan skater slip on: Topshop

      Hi again lovelies, It's already June and lets hope for a good start for this beautiful month. And also I got this new slip on yesterday! I was so excited to try it on and I love how you can match it with any plain clothes you want. Mmm something like plain t-shirt or plain blouses should do and obviously a plain bottom but some people are not afraid to just match it with any printed tops/bottom. It depends on how you want it. This white cardigan is my mom's old favourite that she would always wear back in the curly hair, highwaisted mom jeans, over sized denim jacket days and I love it! Well some things never change I guess and I dont care to ever change.