Sunday, 1 June 2014

Hello june,


Jeans: Topshop , Black slingbag: H&M , TIKA2 tartan skater slip on: Topshop

      Hi again lovelies, It's already June and lets hope for a good start for this beautiful month. And also I got this new slip on yesterday! I was so excited to try it on and I love how you can match it with any plain clothes you want. Mmm something like plain t-shirt or plain blouses should do and obviously a plain bottom but some people are not afraid to just match it with any printed tops/bottom. It depends on how you want it. This white cardigan is my mom's old favourite that she would always wear back in the curly hair, highwaisted mom jeans, over sized denim jacket days and I love it! Well some things never change I guess and I dont care to ever change. 


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