Saturday, 28 June 2014

RUANG @ Subang,

RUANG @Subang, ss18 subang jaya.

      Happy saturday, everybody! So I wore this simple outfit today, I know I keep on wearing the same white skinny jeans, it's like coincidence isn't it? hahaha. Anyway the weather topped out at 35 degrees today but it's better than yesterday actually. So, these are a few things I bought from the RUANG @Subang Pop & Soap Preloved Party earlier this morning. As you can see it's flooded with fashionable teenagers and They have a live band performing too andddddd the best thing about the flea market is that NOTHING IS OVER RM50 for literally everything. P/s that's Lee Ming (fashion stylist for topshop malaysia) LeeMing and Lissa Nazeri (famous vlogger) LissaPissa 


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