Wednesday, 2 July 2014


      It's July baby and also the 4th day of Ramadhan, And im still here sitting in the living room doing nothing productive. Starting college in 45 more days and I dont know wether im excited or not. Other than that, Ive been planning to sell some of my preloved items just to clear up some clothes pants skirts etc etc in my closet. Well recently Ive been getting all these negativity respond from people about how I wear or what type of clothes I liked. I guess it isn't necessary for everybody to judge on how people dressed or how they look like, right? I constantly reference taste as an alternative currency because I firmly believe that it is valuable in ways money isn't. Even if you're flat broke and sifting through bargain bins. It's your vision and ability to artfully arrange that renders your stylish. NOT the amount of money you're privileged enough to spend on expensive stuff. The tougher life gets, the more passionately I appreciate my taste because no matter what they cannot be taken away from me.


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