Monday, 11 August 2014

15th day of syawal,

 1st day of syawal : peplum peach baju kurung- dewi , statement earrings- forever21 , sandals- esarli

5th day of syawal: chiffon top- faiz , mermaid silk custom made skirt- mixora

6th day of syawal: chiffon top- forever21 , skirt- vintage , clutch- vintage

      Hello darlings, It has been a damn hella busy week as always BUT this time is a bit different. Well I know it's never too late for me to share some of my #throwback photos during eid mubarak right? By the way I honestly think that this year eid mubarak is totally boring, As i get older the eid mubarak fireworks night is just dull like super dull because everybody's busy with their phone, laptop, tv ughhh. And not to forget the older you get the lesser hari raya ang pau you'll receive hahah. But im sure everyone had a good time.