Friday, 14 November 2014

Living the fashion student life,

Casual sling bag: Mulberry , Top & bottom: vintage , Shoes: vintage loafers

Marble sweater: Zara , Bag: Topshop

College trip to Muzium Tekstil Negara.

      Woke up extremely early this morning just to get my ass to college and straight away to Kuala Lumpur textile museum with the classmates. The omnious clouds perfected the mood I needed this morning hahaha. Well basically I went for my signature 80's vibe today in my mum's old dinner outfit and also my rm18 pointy loafers. What we did today was.... touring around the scariest museum I've ever been and did some sketches for our assignments. A friendly reminder for you guys, Dont ever go there alone. Instead of taking pictures of the textiles I end up snapping a lot of buildings and selfies. And I think this might be my last post before my finals. Till then.