Saturday, 24 January 2015

Knowing deeper part 1,

Hi again, I've been waiting to do this 'knowing your style' interview since last year and i'm trying to get as many fashionistas as I can. It's actually fun to know more about how you roll with your sense of fashion because there's people out there who adores your style and want to be you! So here goes to the first fashionista that i've been adoring since the first time I followed her on instagram:

Susanna Schmid, 18 years old from Austria. @susiesch

What kind of look do you have?

Well, I'd like to describe it as sort of minimalistic, casual and effortless, at least that's the look I am going for! I love to wear a nice pair of heels from time to time but for the rest of my look I like to stick to basics and try to keep it clean and simple. 

How do you stay up to date with fashion?

Actually I love drawing inspiration from the people on Instagram! I feel like it's a great platform to see what other people from all over the world do in terms of fashion and how they interpret different trends and style them in all sorts of different ways. Oh and for the most part making you really jealous that you don't live in Britain:)
And just in case you like to know, I absolutely love 'stalking' Alexa Chungs's (I think I don't even have to say anything about Alexa, don't I?), Leandra Medine's (Man Repeller, love it, love it love it) and Yanin Namasonthi's (idressmyself, absolutely gorgeous and fabulous style!) profiles on Instagram. 

What does the word 'fashion' mean to you?

 I would say it's simply the way of expressing ones feelings trough fabric hanging of your body aka clothes. No more, no less I guess (that totally just rhymed:)).

How much attention do you pay to fashion in the way you dress?

I personally wouldn't say I choose my outfits solely based on how 'fashionable' they are, comfort does play a huge part in my decision on what to wear, as I'm that type of person who would definitely go out in pyjamas if it was accepted in the general public/school. Plus I mostly don't even have time in the morning, after rolling out of bed looking like a zombie to think about what to wear and so I eventually end up wearing the same outfit over and over again (consisting of my Monki 'Simone' trousers and my Adidas, which I love to pieces and wear to death!). Probably the biggest aspect though is how comfortable and good I feel in an outfit, as I have quite a lot of issues with my body (I think every women/girl has) and I definitely don't feel very comfortable in shorts or any type of super tight and short clothing, so I kind of avoid those pieces, as much as I would like to wear them (sad truth: not everything that looks good on Alexa Chung looks good on you:)) But in general I feel like if you like it, wear long as YOU (and solely you) feel good in it.

How do you personally feel about clothes/pants/shoes shopping?

 Honestly shopping kind of stresses me out a bit. I don't really like being in hot changing rooms and realising that the jeans don't fit;). What I do certainly like is just strolling around a bit and just looking for nothing in particular, I hate nothing more (slight exaggeration of things here:)) than looking for something specific and then obviously not finding it and in then ending up buying something impulsively and really regretting your purchase afterwards!

(more to come)

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