Saturday, 7 February 2015

Knowing deeper part 3,

I finally have the opportunity to interview this gorgeous and friendly fashion blogger,

Irina Tan, Fashion blogger from Singapore. @IRINATYT |

What kind of look do you have?

Hmm if I were to describe my look, I'd say simple. My color palette goes from white to nude to navy to grey to black haha.

How do you stay up to date with fashion?

I don't keep up with trends. It's tiring to do so. I just wear or buy whatever I think is nice.

What does the word ‘fashion’ mean to you? 

 Fashion is a self expression through pieces you put on yourself. What you wear speaks a great deal about your personality.

How much attention do you pay to fashion in the way you dress?

Hmm maybe 7? I don't keep up with fashion but I make sure whatever I put together looks fashionable enough - or at least, I try/hope.

How do you personally feel about clothes/pants/shoes shopping?

Physical shopping? Hmm they can be troublesome which is why i don't do it often but I also like that I can touch the textures of apparels when I shop physically. 


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