Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I am back,

15 facts about me

  1. I have lots of shoes but end up wearing my one favourite sandal
  2. I'm a minimalist 
  3. I love love love Melissa Baumeister & Akris soo much
  4. Used to have lots of accessories but end up giving them away 
  5. I like doing things my way, sometimes
  6. I will definitely put my hand in my pocket while taking ootd 
  7. My mom's old clothes will always be my fav
  8. Will always have my inner highlights whenever I change my hair colour 
  9. I listen to all kind of genres
  10. I talk to my cats 
  11. I have a bad habit which is I blink my eyes very fast
  12. My right eyebrow is shorter than my left
  13. Tempoyak, sambal belacan is my thang
  14. A huge fan of Yuna
  15. My mum is my inspiration 

xo, anis.

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