Saturday, 18 February 2017

UNRAVEL fashion show 2017

UNRAVEL Fashion Show 2017
by Anis Sofhea Widuri.

My 5th look for display 

Backstage madness at UNRAVEL fashion show

Lining up for the Finalé

My 4 final looks that was chosen for the fashion show (off-duty ballerina who loves retro & 60's Mod fashion).

From the left: Best Creative & Innovative Design, Best Crafted Design and Best Ready-To-Wear

  Thank you for making me the happiest on my big day, my family & friends 

Media Interview

 Last but not least, I would love to say thank you to my supportive family and to my lecturers who've been guiding me throughout my whole semester and tbh without them I wouldn't get to stand a chance to receive this award. Cheers to the most memorable day that I will never forget, Alhamdulillah. 

[Credits to EO Studio for the good quality pictures. p/s: I used my iphone camera to snap some photos so the picture is not as good as the one EO Studio shot hehe bye]


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